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Hunan male city opens to the outside world about improving investment climate to
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To accelerate Chu Xiong the city opens to the outside world pace, introduce domestic and international capital, technology and talent actively, stimulative economy lasts, fast, healthy progress, according to the concerned policy of country and province, combine me the administrative division is real, make the following and provisional provision:   

One, Relax market admittance and investment field

The first foreign investor is to point to to abroad, harbor is reached outside the city that to me the city invests, bay, station business, individual and the investor that other economy organizes. Divide state law, code outside illicit of proclaimed in writing, hold to " to foreign investor 6 do not restrict principle " , namely: Fixed number of year of battalion of already of scale of the export inside the industry of investment and domain, condition that the enterprise creates, district and the product that maintain scope of operations of a scale, company and investment means, production, look forward to and investment dimensions.

The 2nd encourages foreign investor to undertake in my city the investment of formal diversity and project are developed, outside dividing joint-stock, collaboration, sole proprietorship, OK still share, accuse, affiliation, annex, buy, rent, contract, mandatory the state-owned company reform that waits for a variety of forms to participate in my city. Encourage use the form such as treatment of compensation trade of BoT, TDT, supplied materials to invest construction, encourage a land development has inside the city.
The 3rd encourages investment of foreign investor key to develop Chu Xiong the key industry such as travel of food of industry of the metallurgy mineral products of the city, natural drug, green, characteristic; The technical reformation that encourages foreign investor key to invest construction of infrastructure of traffic, the sources of energy, irrigation works and municipal project, existing enterprise, engraft and tertiary industy; Encourage investment education, medical treatment, wholesome, sports and outside the industry such as classics trade.

The 4th reduces an enterprise to establish cost. The company that reduces foreign investment makes an enterprise register capital gold limitation, cannot reach the designated position, but in installment infuse, head period the Lo % that infuse capital gold can relax to register capital gold. Allow manpower capital (special skill or knowledge of administrative ability, technology) , carry on the arm force achievement (achievement of invention patent, technology) the valuation after the intermediary branch that waits for intangible assets classics to have aptitude affirms becomes a shareholder; Foreign investment company establishs industry group, the parent company registers capital gold simply to arrive 5 million yuan of above, own 3 above subsidiary, parent company and subsidiary register capital gold aggregate achieve 10 million yuan, can registration book. The project of general capital construction that uses construction of own reserves and investment of commercial bank loan to foreign investment company, undertake investing examination no longer. Exceed limit, execute put on record make.
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