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Overseas Chinese Chinese is in China invest favourable policy
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Chinese government takes the legitimate rights and interests that protects Chinese of abroad overseas Chinese seriously very much all the time, encourage Chinese of abroad overseas Chinese to have investment to China. Invest to abroad Chinese, the regulation deals with the relevant law laws and regulations that invests an enterprise by the foreign trader; Invest to abroad overseas Chinese, except consult the relevant law laws and regulations of foreign investment company sets outside dealing with, chinese government still has other urge policy.
Current, chinese government is right foreign trader (include abroad Chinese) invest initiate advanced technique to China model with the product exit foreign trader invests an enterprise, encourage kind of foreign trader to invest enterprise and foreign trader to invest research to develop the enterprise such as the center to offer particularly favourable policy. Basically reflect in: The duty such as tariff of site use cost, enterprise income tax, import and import segment value added tax expends derate, the first support of financial credit and extend wait for a respect. For example: The foreign trader that gains land access with means of sell one's own things invests an enterprise, not collection site uses fee; Product exit foreign trader invests an enterprise in those days production value of company exit product is achieved in those days company product is worth 70% above, halve pay enterprise income tax; Encourage kind with limitative second kind center of development of research of investment of foreign investment company, foreign trader, advanced technique with the product exit foreign trader invests an enterprise, import the technology of equipment of for private use and its form a complete set, fittings, spare parts, can avoid by the regulation impose import tariff and import segment value added tax; Advanced technique when with the product exit foreign trader invests an enterprise to need leasehold capital, preferential borrow put etc.

Additional, chinese government invests center-west region and base of northeast old industry to the foreign trader, made more favourable policy, be in to the foreign trader development of technology of economy of level of special economic zone, coastal open city, state, country is new and high the economy such as technical estate development has investment inside special section, each local government still published a place to urge sexual privilege policy.

Chinese government goes back to the motherland to abroad overseas Chinese investment came on stage relatively the regulation such as the tax cost policy with foreign investment more favourable company, and to protect rights and interests of abroad overseas Chinese further, considering to make overseas Chinese invest protective way now.

Develop as Chinese reforming and opening and economy, chinese government with respect to the foreign trader (include abroad Chinese) all sorts of policy regulations of investment and investment of abroad overseas Chinese are in be updated ceaselessly and changing. Invest to China to Chinese of abroad overseas Chinese, need to understand afore-mentioned favourable policy provisions not only, also need to understand Chinese government to be mixed about the restricted of investment prohibit sexual regulation, avoid needless devoted loss. Before paragraph time, business of a beautiful Ji Hua, through the long-term survey to the market and understanding, the decision creates private and postal company to Chinese investment, and bought business spread storefront, employ personnel, but when applying for to create a company to Chinese government sector, just be informed Chinese government to prohibit the foreign trader invests postal company, can abandon this project finally only, he himself also got accordingly very big loss. Chinese of abroad overseas Chinese invests in China, must pay close attention to and understand Chinese country and the newest policy regulation that plan to invest seat local government, for example Chinese government just edited " catalog of guidance of foreign investment industry " . To this, suggest Chinese of abroad overseas Chinese had better undertake advisory to professional orgnaization, understand newest provision, hold an opportunity to have investment, obtain better economic benefits.
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