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Area of garden of cloud brook industry invests favourable policy
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Price of the land inside industrial garden invests degree of redound of dimensions, project to implement float price according to the enterprise. The fixed number of year that offer the ground is: Industrial land is the 50 years longest, business the ground is the 40 years longest, the life lives with the ground the 70 years longest, use the land integratedly the 50 years longest.

1, every fixed assets investment is amounted to 500, 10 million yuan enterprise, can leave surplus by land cost price 15% for the ground.

2, every fixed assets investment is amounted to 1000, 50 million yuan enterprise, can leave surplus by land cost price 30% , 50% for the ground.

3, every fixed assets investment amounts to 50 million yuan enterprise, can leave surplus by land cost price 50% , 80% even 0 price offer the ground. If need commandeer land 100 mus of above, can enjoy privilege of land commandeer instalment, head period 50% what pay not to need to always pay under place.

4, land of take on lease of the company inside garden, hire level is provisional and annual 2, 10 yuan / square metre, press by travelling merchant year pay.

5, land evaluate becomes a shareholder the standard is 50, 100 yuan / square metre, one-time valuation is devoted.

The senior talented person that does poineering work field to taking a project to come, abroad student studying abroad, offer office, living conditions freely, the outstanding to making contribution, brainpower that creates tremendous benefit gives upper limit to be rewarded for 3 million yuan bonus.

Duty expends privilege

1, every joins garden company, press concerned regulation, enjoy development of provincial economy technology policy of each taxation privilege.

2, according to national tax Wu total bureau is approved, the does newly industry business inside area of Fan Zaiyun brook, avoid impose income tax 3 years.

3, garden area is executed close management. Every joins garden company, except according to solid hand in industrial and commercial outside the cost that register, the area is reached continuously be stationed in an area the other plan cost of departmental door collection is avoided completely. Each all must not enter garden area to collect fees with any reason about the branch.

4, sewage treatment plant is built inside garden area, be in charge of sewage disposal of the company inside garden area, industrial garden is in charge of appoint meet the cost cost of a collection processing sewage.