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Decide far county to enrol business privilege policy
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Will decide far investment to urge foreign investor, promote decide far economy to develop quickly, according to relevant policy of country and province, city, code, combine me the county is actual, make following provisions especially.

One, optimize service environment

1, simplify investment project examines and approve a program. Every comes to what my county invests state law, code to do not have industry of public proclamation illicit, project of the investment outside the condition is examined and approve only can grind report, churchyard invests a project by examine and approve make instead register put on record make, investment project signs up for prefectural government to be in charge of a branch to put on record after battalion of project put into production carries.

2, the restriction that reduces to be established to the enterprise. The buy before involving need examines and approve a license, each answer about the branch as soon as possible conforms to the principle of simplicity deal with. To project of type of production, investor temporarily short of establishs the condition that register to be badly in need of beginning again prepare to construct wait for relevant activity, but first the business charter that the nucleus sends 6 months probationary period; In be opposite, small investor registers inconvenient of the capital when finite liability company, allow to there are acceptance or credence to assure below premise 2 years in investor inside in installment infuse, head period infuse capital gold can relax to legal 10% what register capital gold, lowest can fall reach 30 thousand yuan (RMB, similarly hereinafter) .

3, conduction formalities executes deadline to do knot and paralell connection to examine and approve a service. To according with the foreign investment project that examines and approve a requirement, execute " the center is accepted, copy accuse relevant, in a limited time do knot, delay time to find out " mechanism. This county considers to deal with on the spot inside attributive; Cannot deal with really on the spot, 3 jobs do a form in a few days; Belong to the project that superior examines and approve, reach according to project scope examine and approve a condition to decide person specially assigned for a task is guided run city runs the province runs ministry. Investor reports material not to accord with concerned regulation, director branch must arrange person specially assigned for a task to coach complement is perfected instantly. Achieve after examining and approve a standard, the form does inside the time limit that sets in front or turn newspaper. The problem of investor ask for instructions, if director branch cannot reply on the spot, must be inside a week rewrite, exceed the time limit regards as agree.

4, build assist in managing service system of job responsibility. Fixed assets throws 20 million yuan of above, by prefectural class leader assists in managing; Fixed assets throws 20 million yuan the following, by level of a family the leader is assisted in managing. Assist in managing the main responsibility of responsibility person is course of company of initiate of responsible assistance, harmonious, conduction investor all medium administration examine and approve formalities and production to manage in the problem that need local government solves.
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