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Tianjin Development Zone to provide support to enhance investment environment fo
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Tianjin Binhai New Development Zone in the central group core area of Western planning, building design basically completed recently, the central group will be playing a set of the future "work, life, services, ecology" as one multi-functional technical Metro. At present, the Western Zone has more than 100 investment companies, with total investment of more than 40 billion yuan. With the large number of enterprises located in the Western District will usher in more investors, researchers. The construction of the central group core area to provide life support for Western Zone support, to enhance the Western investment environment.
According to reports, the central group core area of Western Zone of approximately 367,000 square meters floor area, area construction investment service centers, libraries, social service centers, archives, office buildings, large hotels, an indoor gymnasium, completed, development District West will be the function of both the economic function and life of modern, eco-industrial park. "The region can be set large shade frame, both for green and beautiful, but also put solar panels, full use of green energy. Using district heating systems, solar energy, new water systems and other high energy, resource use means to create low carbon, eco-city of science and technology. "zone related to the staff.