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The foreign trader invests western enjoy 10 old favourable policy
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The State Council western Bin of plum of vice director of office of group of area development leader was in China a few days ago western address on development business chance and policy international seminar, introduced to personage of global all circles western the progress of big development, key and policy, it is with respect to the country accelerate western the issuance that a series of favourable policy that open to the outside world and roll out had systematic authority.

He says, carry out at present western the key of big development is irrigation works 10 respects such as education of development of development of communication and construction of construction, traffic construction, the sources of energy, municipal construction, zoology construction, environmental protection, agriculture, industry development, service line of business, science and technology and social progress. To encourage a foreign trader investment is entered western area, the State Council returns formulate about the branch a series of favourable measure.

Favourable measure basically has the following 10 respects:

1. Enlarge the domain that encourages foreign investment. The foreign trader invests western the project of area advantage industry, can enjoy a foreign trader to invest the favourable policy that urges kind of industry.

2. To the foreign trader investment company executes taxation privilege. To be being set in western the foreign trader that area country urges kind of industry invests an enterprise, impose enterprise income tax by the tax rate of 15% ; Invest an enterprise to be being set in the foreign trader of ethical autonomy place, via approval of provincial people government, can avoid ask for or decrease impose local income tax; Be in to the foreign trader western the area does the business such as traffic, electric power, irrigation works newly, enterprise income tax is executed " two avoid 3 halve " ; Software and company of enterprise, new and high to the sources of energy of foreign invest in technology, product exit enterprise, integrated circuit enterprise, implement corresponding taxation privilege policy; The for private use of entrance of foreign investment project that encourages kind of industry to the country is advanced equipment, avoid impose custom duty and import segment value added tax.

3. Enlarge service trade to open to the outside world. What the foreign trader retail to bank, commerce business, foreign trade company invests is pilot expand western city of municipality directly under the Central Government, provincial capital and municipal metropolis city, allow western the foreign capital bank of the area runs RMB business stage by stage; Allow a foreign trader to be in western area investment telecommunication, safe, tourism, initiate China and foreign countries is company of firm of design of joint-stock accountant office, attorney office, engineering, railroad and road freight, municipal public company; Allow a foreign trader to invest a city to natural and tracheal net is built and be managed.
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