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Commission of national economy trade uses a foreign trader to invest the announc
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Trade of classics of city of only kind of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan appoint (classics appoint, plan classics appoint) , Xinjiang production builds corps classics appoint, the State Council concerns a section:
Use a foreign trader to invest to undertake technical reformation to having a company, it is to introduce advanced technique, equipment and administrative experience, widen one of efficient ways of channel of capital of state-owned company technical reformation, state-owned to doing well company, changeover manages a mechanism to have important sense. To strengthen macroscopical managing, guide foreign capital correctly to cast to, prevent state-owned capital fund prediction of a person's luck in a given year and form the forestall that goes against progress of national security, economy and people life, farther normative project examines and approve the job, be aimed at the problem of the real case that uses foreign investment to transform existing enterprise to work at present and existence, basis " the State Council invests the job about strengthening a foreign trader further the announcement of a certain number of problems " (the country is sent [1993]83 date) and " general office of the State Council about reinforcing state-owned company property right the announcement of buying operation " (the country does invention report [1994]12 date) spirit, inform as follows especially:
One, concerned branch of the State Council and trade of each district classics appoint (classics appoint, plan classics appoint) should combine cadre door, our region actual, in research formulate industry and area adjust the structure, policy that develops mainly, do well on the base that has an enterprise to use foreign investment to undertake technical reformation job plans, had done those who use foreign investment to transform a project to examine and approve the job further.
2, using foreign investment to transform existing company project is to show in national industry policy guidance falls, rely on with having state-owned company to be, through transferring equity, in order to have a company all or partial objective and evaluate of industrial property right and foreign and joint-stock reach bilateral and contributive wait for means, acquire capital, equipment, technology and other increment investment, achieve adjust company product structure, improve product quality, improve a technology equipment standard, enlarge exit to achieve collect, energy-saving fall bad news, implement the dimensions economy, technical reformation project that raises goal of business economic benefits.
3, every is state-owned the enterprise uses a foreign trader to invest (contain stage, port, bay capital and in endowment foreign enterprise) those who undertake technical reformation, all applicable notice a provision originally.
4, of the project examine and approve attributive and program:
1, every is state-owned oversize, large the enterprise uses a foreign trader to invest to undertake technical reformation to this enterprise with central enterprise, its project suggests book and feasibility consider to report, after offerring an opinion via be in charge of sectional examine and verify, trade of classics of same journal country appoint. Project total investment is in above of 100 million dollar (contain 100 million dollar) , by national classics trade appoint the State Council of the newspaper after putting forward to examine an opinion is examined and approve; Total investment is in under 100 million dollar, by national classics trade appoint examine and approve.
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