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Manage the regulation of enterprise of joint venture of China and foreign countries about contracting

To promote business of joint venture of China and foreign countries (” of enterprise of jointly owned of “ of the following abbreviation) normal evolution, manage jointly owned enterprise to make following provisions to contracting now:
One, contract management definition
The place inside this regulation is narrated contract managing is to point to jointly owned the enterprise contracts through concluding with the person that contract management contract, jointly owned enterprise all or partial management advantageous position gives inside proper time the person that contract, have management to jointly owned enterprise by the person that contract. Contract run the compensatory measure that just settles not to be pooh-poohed of business management of enterprise of partial jointly owned, severe loss. Contracting manage period inside, assume management risk by the person that contract and get the income of enterprise of partial jointly owned.
2, jointly owned enterprise is executed contract management condition
Jointly owned enterprise must accord with following and total requirement to just can execute contract manage:
1, the project that jointly owned enterprise should be the trade that belong to a country to encourage or allows. But belong to national priority discipline, especially the sources of energy and traffic project, must not execute contract manage.
2, jointly owned of China and foreign countries person had pressed jointly owned contract as scheduled exactly the amount is contributive pass check endowment, truly the because of management not to be pooh-poohed jointly owned company that manages hard.
3, the qualification of the person that contract
The person that contract should possess the following qualification:
1, the company of the China that have corporate organization and already 3 years of above run an activity or foreign country, enterprise;
2, with execute contract management jointly owned company belongs to congener industry, can put forward cogent solve the specific plan that severe loss reachs this enterprise to develop normally;
3, the risk guaranty gold that can provide sufficient number to jointly owned enterprise or venture earnest money defend case.
4, contract management main demand
1, contract manage the person that can adopt means of open invite public bidding to contract certainly (namely, basis of board of directors beforehand the condition of protocol makes public invite public bidding by jointly owned enterprise) ; OK also according to resolution of board of directors by jointly owned enterprise direct with the person that contract (can be jointly owned one party, also can be tripartite) sign contract management agreement.
2, contract manage the legal person position that must not change jointly owned industry, name and scope of operations.
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