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Land enrols business - recreational grange develops a project
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What belong to an industry: Travel >> travelWhat belong to a column: Travel enrols businessProject scope: Do not be restrictedPlace area: Heibei saves city of dark blue state to hold the post of grave cityDefine: One, project construction condition and feasibility
1.1 project development builds a condition
1.1.1 project land develops the land that recreational grange develops cause, it is owner according to national privilege policy and Li Ancun signed a contract 2002 and agree with development to use via town and prefectural government " 3 barren " afforest (forest is planted careless) the ground, land operating period can amount to 70 years, gross area 80 mus (connect a) .
Current, owner already pressed national requirement afforest (afforestation) 80 mus, preliminary check and accept amount to mark to pass. According to national policy, can undertake travelling going vacationing reception, business lives wait for management sex to develop. But restrict because of the element such as capital, the design that has not made good development and program work.
1.1.2 situation reachs traffic condition
Recreational grange is located in city holding the post of grave area of travel of white foreign form sediment, center of urban district of city holding the post of grave is apart from south nearly 30 kilometers, be apart from kilometer of 1.5 of Mo Zhou big temple, kilometer of 1.5 of commercial and transportation center of travel of form sediment of westing Bai Yang,
Project area is located in 106 countries to on the west side, the project develops place traffic to facilitate, can drive oneself from the urban district or multiply a bus half hours or so to arrive. Project seat apart advocate road only a few meters. 1.1.3 environment condition
Recreational grange seat, earthy and admirable, upper vegetation type is poplar (can plant crop) . Natural resources of the water inside the area is better, a river other project area is direct white foreign form sediment, project area south for 200 mus of pound, boreal side has 300 mus of vacant lot.
Because of project area the reason as a result of adjacent water area, the summer is cool, it is to be away for the summer holidays bethel, light energy is resourceful, difference in temperature of day and night is bigger. Air pollution source is not had all round project area, empty temperament measures pure free from contamination, it is the air pollution condition with more serious urban district cannot be compared.
1.1.4 society ambient conditions
Rich abounds city of project seat Ren Qiu. Mutual farmland 6.2 10 thousand hectare. Mineral products resource basically has oil and natural gas, the nation is large branch of branch of China north oil field, petrifaction of north of Chinese oil China is stationed in oil of management board of oil of enterprise China north, China in the urban district, it is our country's important petro-chemical base. Infrastructure is relatively perfect, beijing whole area of 9 railroad vertical follow in a continuous line. Develop the special advantage such as travel, estate here.
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