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Capital attraction of berth head developing zone
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What belong to an industry: Manufacturing industry >> the car is madeWhat belong to a column: The city enrols business, garden area enrols business, business affairs serves, workshop landProject scope: 20 million - 100 millionPlace area: Heibei visits town of head of berth of city of dark blue stateDefine:
Industrial district of berth head city only then built 1992, be located at the urban district, on the west adjacent 104 nations line, beijing Shanghai railroad, beijing Shanghai is received east freeway, situation is very advantageous.
The industrial district already brought into overall planning of town of berth head city as urban newly-added district, invited Tsinghua university to make an industrial district the overall planning of 12 square kilometer, completed the detailed program of 6 square kilometer, press an enterprise, handle official bussiness, the residence, the service had functional partition, extend the concept of industrial group by issue as before, rely on 3 big characteristic industries of whole town, science differentiates to cast industrial garden, garden of car mould industry, garden of environmental protection industry. Exert oneself makes the industrial district into the industry collect the base of modern manufacturing industry that effect highlights, technical research base, the content southeast radiation look forward to sheds center and the zoology new developed area that appropriate occupies.
Current, the infrastructure inside the area is perfect, already realized water entirely now, report, angry, the road " 8 are made the same score " . In the meantime, the industrial district is in charge of appoint the meeting is active transform to service mechanism, make weak environment with all one's strength " 8 are made the same score " . Be stationed in an enterprise to execute to entering " enclosed managing " , offer " one-stop " conduction project is examined and approve, "All-around " assist construction of company go into operation, "Round-the-clock " service company is postpartum the whole process of operation is high grade service.