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Material machines Chinese herbal medicine of ground of line of long white mounta
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What belong to an industry: > of aricultural herd fishing>Agriculture
What belong to a column: The city enrols business
Project scope: 20 million - 100 million
Place area: Jilin province is connected change city to connect change a county
Project brief introduction

1, project setting: Grow Bai Shan element to have ” of resource treasury of “ world Chinese traditional medicine say, it is one of libraries of 3 gene of material of big Chinese traditional medicine, have can use resource 2790 a variety of, among them: Material of Chinese traditional medicine of rare path ground 535 kinds, officinal fungus 50 a variety of. Connect hinterland of Bai Shan of section chief of the ground that change a county, path ground medicinal material tastes quality, distinct curative effect with its unique positional dominant position, good yield more and more get the blue narrow one's eyes of domestic and international market. Have the current situation that dispersive treatment manages for conformity, farther standard and quality of the medicinal material in rising, the medicinal material in drafting investment to build processes a business, development uses resource of the medicinal material in long Bai Shan, make brand of material of Chinese traditional medicine of ground of line of long white mountain, make economy of translate into of advantage of rich of long Bai Shan increases a dominant position.

2, the project always invests: 45 million yuan
3, cooperative means: Solely invested or joint-stock
4, want foreign and devoted content: Collect investment now
5, build a place: Change a county to get together Xin economy developing zone
6, cover an area of an area: 22 mus
7, predicting economic benefits: Year sales revenue 120 million yuan, profit 26 million yuan, taxes 12 million yuan.
8, project progress circumstance: Already completed land program

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