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"Sweet potato uses industrial garden circularly " project
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What belong to an industry: Aricultural herd fishing >> agricultureWhat belong to a column: Garden area enrols businessProject scope: 1-10 100 millionPlace area: Heibei is saved judge the city zone of water city peachDefine: Current, company to enlarge dimensions, develop this group to already had advantage of arteries and veins of expert of economy of agrotechnical, agriculture, mechanization of farming and this locality land, sweet potato, person, strive for struggling lustrum to appear on the market. Accordingly, the decision is built " sweet potato uses industrial garden circularly " , face the world to seek a partner. Project content: Sweet potato is our country yields significant low investment, high, multipurpose crop. According to FAO statistic, our country sweet potato year grow an area 6.16 million Hm2, always produce 1.17 100 million T, occupy the world to cultivate respectively area and always produce 68% with 86% . World Health Organization (WHO) study through 3 years, in choosing 13 kinds of optimal vegetable, sweet potato ranks the first. Research center of Japan home cancer announces the sweet potato in 20 kinds of vegetable that fight cancer list head of a list of names posted up. Still by the world fair consider as provide amylaceous industry, food the treatment, raw material crop that ferments industry reachs biology the sources of energy. This project organizes form and manufacturing process: (show like right plan institute)Project economy analyses: Origin of this project raw material: It is the company takes farmer form; 2 it is the company takes farmer base form; 3 it is corporation area form of farmer base combine; 4 it is the company takes Africa of farmer base combine to import a form. Grow sweet potato every hectare production value 30000 yuan, plant wheat every hectare production value makes an appointment with 12000 yuan, grow corn every hectare production value makes an appointment with 11000 yuan, benefit is apparent prep above wheat, corn, accordingly, growing tall amylaceous sweet potato is the significant move that increases farmer income, ensure source of sweet potato raw material thereby. The project plans to use 2.5 year time, always invest 2.7 100 million yuan, cover an area of 221.9 mu. Came true in those days 2011 use up sweet potato 400 thousand tons, production is amylaceous 80 thousand tons, pectic 6167 tons, prandial fiber 5518 tons, albumen 4000 tons. Achieve total sales revenue seven hundred and fifty-six million two hundred and twenty thousand yuan, year all profit after tax 82.78 million yuan, financial net present worth three hundred and ninety-one million five hundred and seventy thousand yuan, the static state invests 5.54 of pay back period year, 6.33 of dynamic investment pay back period year (contain 2.5 year construction period) . Project characteristic: This project thinks via evaluating integratedly: This project has apparent much area sex of low cost of sex of duplicate sex, dimensions expansibility, renewable resources, mode and appear on the market possibility characteristic, be applauded by a lot of partners consequently.
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