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Chain of 3 yuan of coffee joins in
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What belong to an industry: Meal recreation >>Meal course of study
What belong to a column: The city enrols business, villages and towns enrols business, travel enrols business
Project scope: Do not be restricted
Place area: Guangdong visits area of Guangzhou city the Milky way
Project introduction
A lot of people want to sample grind now what make coffee now is delicate, but no matter the coffee in which cafes wants a few yuan of above every cups, actually these money are the flower is enjoying inn in decorate on, true the cost of a cup of coffee wants money of a few wool only. ----A lot of people think a cafes but suffer from invests easily tens of thousands of even hundred thousands of yuan join in cost, decorate cost and cannot be like wish. 3 yuan when my company takes the lead in rolling out one cup is ground now boil aroma coffee to suit public spending to reach the person that lack capital to do poineering work very much now. This project is the means that uses collaboration to manage, join in person need not him set up shop, want to pull the inn of Ok hall, snack, hotel, restaurant, collaboration such as guesthouse to manage with service center of the sauna center, center that wash bath, Internet bar, supermarket, school service center, nightclub, card only, use their existing field, bar, employ a clerk to undertake showing grinding showing boiling selling over, you every sell an one cup coffee, they are draw-out 20 - sale of 30 % . With citing of Internet bar collaboration: Present Internet bar has 100 at least - 200 even 500 - 600 machines, the person that gets online everyday rolls ceaselessly, say less to also have hundreds of from morning till night even thousands of person-time. You should use an Internet bar only the place with a piece of great table, grind now boil evacuation to arrive on the table of online personnel now. The coffee that because be ground now,boils now is very sweet, metropolis “ hears everybody sweet and come ” . Only should a person is drunk can have chain reaction, the person from the back can be drunk accordingly commonly, everybody can vie, did not drink impossibly that you drank me, can do not have face very much in that way. You will be busy when arriving extremely. The Internet bar boss that cooperates with you need not invest to add the management item of customer demand not only, and the 20 that has sale again - money of 30 % earns, where is their what is there against it? Glad to have not enough time! ! ! Notable success learns to popularize domestic Mr Chen Anzhi to say: If oneself cannot succeed independently, can use a horse to go up so (to) successful method, namely, on the back that rides in the horse (use others the flower is gigantic the inn that endowment outfit fosters cordial relations between states) , arrived when the horse (others succeeded) you also arrived together with him at the same time (succeeded)

Cooperative means
You need to make headquarters only 2980 yuan join in cost, headquarters offers first propaganda paterial of complete set equipment, implemental, advertisement, coffee for you beans and technology groom. After equipment of above of recapture of the person that join in, material, need not invest additionally again, immediately can practice. Headquarters is the person that join in to provide the entrance coffee beans with qualitative low high price, Yuan Fucai makings, equipment, appliance and technical support all the year round, the person that assure to join in does not have trouble back at home.
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